Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ranking Results

MRBC 2008 Rankings

Congratulations to everyone and thank you so much for making the first ever MRBC a huge success!


Aviano Coffee said...

I want to thank all the organizers and volunteers who made the first Mountain Regional Competition possible. Where else could I meet and talk to so many kindred coffee aficionados (roasters, buyers, baristas, shop owners, customers, MRBC judges and SCAA representatives)? What a truly amazing experience.

That fourth machine was a Godsend; the first day I survived entirely on a diet of tasty espresso drinks.

I admire every person who put themselves out there to compete. It looked very daunting. The long hours of thought, preparation and practice that all these competitors put into their routines was evident, and it demonstrates the type of passionate, dedicated, coffee professionals this region has to offer.

I had such a blast getting to hang out and show support for so many talented baristas. There’s nothing like enjoying good coffee with good people. Congratulations Jon Lewis! You are truly a class act!! I’m already looking forward to the next MRBC!! Look at my event photos at

Aviano Coffee

Anonymous said...

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